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Want Happy Customers?

Our customer feedback solution makes it easy to retain and engage your customers.

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LeadSurveys™ are customer feedback surveys re-imagined. Shorter. Mobile. Beautifully designed review sites that allow you to gather performance ratings from recent visits. It costs 5-7 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one. So why not keep the customers you already have?

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Customers who have a poor experience are 50 percent more likely to share the experience on social media or online review sites than customers who have a good experience. Wouldn't you like to have a safety net for your business?

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Effortlessly get customers to like your business on Facebook and opt-in to future email offers right from your LeadSurvey™. Then engage your loyal customers online and with email to get them to spend more. Made even easier with MailChimp integration.

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Our real-time online reporting platform is command central for our business. Quickly scan comments each day for great and poor customer experiences. Monitor potential problems on a weekly-basis before they become critical issues. Identify core business issues that you and your team need to strategically tackle in order to grow sales.

On average, loyal customers spend 10 times more over their lifetime than regular customers. Are you doing everything you can to make sure they keep coming back?

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HotAlert™ Notifications

Facebook Survey Plugin

Real-time Online Reports

Weekly Email Digest Reports

MailChimp Integration

Shopify Integration

Access to Premium Content

Amazing Customer Support

We don't have a big marketing budget. So getting our happy customers to help us connect with new customers is critical to growing our business. Plus, being able to have real conversations with our team about areas for improvement is priceless.

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Joe Stanton

Co-founder & CEO

Joe is a digital marketing and customer experience expert. He's helped many industry-leading businesses attract, retain and engage customers.

Fun fact: Joe wrote a novel that is now collecting dust in one of his desk drawers.

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John Cohoon

Co-founder & CTO

John has extensive experience in software and IT systems development. He's built feedback platforms for some of the world's top brands.

Fun fact: John lived in 10 different places growing up and attended high school in Germany.

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Charlie Lehmann

VP of Customer Success

Charlie works hands-on with business owners every day to help them grow sales. Prior to joining Elevate, Charlie was CEO of AutoData.

Fun fact: Charlie's nickname at the office is "Chip" after one of our customers kept calling him that.

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Matt Stanton

VP of Sales

Matt's experience is a unique blend of sales and retail operations. He spent over 10 years on the frontlines at Walgreen's.

Fun fact: Matt is not only an employee but a customer too. He owns an independent liquor store.

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